Henk Bothof

Henk Bothof is one of three brothers who’s parents imigrated from Holland in the 1950’s. Raised in Escondido on his family’s farm, Henk and his brothers got up at 5:00am each day before school and helped their parents work the family business. It was this early sense of personal responsibility, duty to family, and hard work that lay the foundation for what he based his own business on years later.

After graduating high school, Henk immediatly began working as a tradesman for various contractors. He became skilled in all aspects of the trade, including plumbing, electrical, framing, plumbing and cabinetry. His goal was to be a skilled craftsman in each area, constantly striving for perfection. It was through the aquisition of these skills that Henk was able to build his own company in 1996. Starting off with his own two hands, his reputation for impeccible workmanship quickly spread and he grew into a thriving high-end custom home builder.